Why Baidu Advertising?


One of the things that make Baidu a great place to advertise in is because it is incredibly cost-effective. Clicks on Baidu are relatively affordable – starting from RMB1 (USD .16 cents) a click. You can greatly maximise your marketing budget in China.

Targeted Advertising

Baidu facilitates a more targeted ad campaign, which amplifies its cost-effectiveness. Baidu allows you to target specific cities, provinces, or even the entirety of China.  Targeted advertising allows you to fine tune strategies to effectively utilise your investment.

Measurable Progress

Different reports are available in Baidu to assist you to better understand how your ads performed. Our Baidu consultants will also provide insights and recommendations for your campaign for on-going improvement.

Pay for Performance (PPP)

Your ads are delivered to the users who are actively searching for what you sell. You pay only when your ad is clicked so every advertising dollar is spent on actual visit to your site, maximizing the return-on-investment of your marketing budget.

Our Capabilities


Tenyeah believes in maintaining a transparent working relationship with our clients. We will pass you the account login information so that you can login to the Baidu advertising platform and view the actual expense reports.

Baidu Proficient Strategies

Baidu has very strict regulations on what can and cannot be promoted on their search results. There are some processes that you need to go through and it generally takes up to 2 weeks if there is no complication. We are well versed in the stringent regulations of Baidu and we will provide you with the necessary feedbacks to jump start your PPP campaign in China.


Our team works directly with Baidu and we know how to achieve the best results for your Baidu advertising campaign. Our Baidu consultants will work closely with you to provide insights and recommendations for on-going campaign improvements.

Seamless & Smooth Transition 

We are your bridge to China as we remove any language and cultural barrier. Our well versed Baidu consultants and SEO experts will provide you with a list of Chinese keywords and advertisements that are most relevant to your business and consumers.