Drift Bottle

The Drift Bottle feature offers a fun way for companies to send information for  random users to reach. Although completely untargeted, organisations can publish a voice or text message by simply “throwing” it into the virtual sea for other users to collect and respond to. The drift bottle is an effective way for businesses to raise awareness or offer discounts among the Chinese community which the China Merchants Bank accomplished. They launched a successful campaign using the Drift Bottle feature in raising funds for autistic children in China.


The Shake feature is a location-based service that allows users and merchants to  find each other by simply shaking the device. Businesses can aim consumers nearby and send them promotional offers through advertisements.

QR Code

WeChat allows users to add and subscribe to enterprise accounts by scanning QR codes. Businesses can create unique QR codes and place them in locations where they can draw the attention of consumers.  This can be an effective way to convert fans by fixing QR codes in purchase materials or includingg discount information and promotional offers.